Our Investors


Entrepreneurs, Corporate Leaders and Family Offices

GVIM has developed a network of sophisticated investment partners who bring financial and intellectual capital to its platform. 


Active in PE

GVIM's investment partners maintain significant allocations to private equity funds, and have substantial direct investment appetite.  We actively monitor investment preferences among our partners.  This "distributive investment" approach allows GVIM to respond to all eligible co-investment opportunities thoughtfully and quickly.


With a Common Interest in Efficiency

Our Firm is performance driven.  Each investment is documented separately with LP-friendly terms and state-of-the-art, third party administration.  There is no blind investment pool and no J-Curve.  Expenses are capped.  Our principals invest in each transaction, and are highly aligned with our investment partners.  



Over 400 Private Equity Fund Managers

The principals of GVIM have established important relationships with a large universe of PE sponsors, representing a variety of strategies and sizes, with a concentration on higher-quartile performing fund managers.


Where GVIM's Solution Brings Value

GVIM gains preferential access to attractive co-investment opportunities, not because it is a limited partner in PE funds, but because the Firm offers speed, scale and reliability of response. In addition, GVIM provides the PE sponsor community with a unique form of visibility with highly desirable investors. 


With a Streamlined Process

GVIM's criteria for eligible investments include: the quality of, and alignment with, the lead investor; facts and circumstances which help us manage adverse selection risk; and fundamentals which support the relative value of the investment.  Once GVIM has determined a co-investment is eligible for consideration, the Firm approaches only those investment partners whose expertise and investment appetite relates most closely to the opportunity.  The result for PE firms is efficient engagement,  accelerated decision-making and favorable visibility with a key investor community.